Proprietor’s Reserve…

Proprietor’s Reserve’s two locations—Normal Heights and La Mesa—each have only 20 chairs, making every seat the best in the house.

They are San Diego’s uniquely intimate wine experience. Individuals, couples, and groups who stop in find themselves joining lively discussion, making new friends, and staying longer than expected in the convivial atmosphere.

We’ve packed every available inch with a phenomenal selection of wines guaranteed to please every palate (and budget). Add to that our extensive selection of craft beers, cocktails, and fruit/cheese plates.

And, yes, both locations have full dinner menus.

We also offer wine tastings, dinners, and trips (see our calendar).

We enjoy making wine accessible and friendly. Our knowledgeable servers love sharing their favorites, as well as guiding you in tasting something (or several somethings) new.

In addition to our extensive by-the-glass selection, we retail more than 200 different bottles at pricing that rivals larger shops. Stop in the next time you need to impress a date, compliment a meal, or deliver a hostess gift that’ll get you invited back.

Michael & Barbara, Proprietors
(619) 283-7449